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Taipei High School Fair

Organisation of the 2019 edition / Taipei Education Bureau

Annual edition of this major event, organised in Yuanshan Exhibition Center, with more than 200 schools.

In coordination with Taipei Education Bureau, GammaRay created the whole visual identity of the event, and produced a total of 12 videos featuring the Twin Youtubers (YouTube channel 銘銘就MMG), who impersonated 2 very special detectives. Their investigations led them through 12 different campus, interviewing students and teachers, learning about the majors, careers and skills specific to each High School.


Main visual used throughout the event. The "Future Library Rocket" helps your career take off!


On the day of the event, the Twin Detectives did a live performance on the Facebook page, visiting schools booths, interviewing the teachers, deans and students. Our shooting team was following them, providing organisation and support during the entire day.

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